Tips And Tricks For Making The Most Out Of Your Rented Marquees

Marquees are one of the best fixtures you can have for a wedding or any kind of party you want to hold outdoors. They will give you and your guests adequate shade from the sun. If the weather is rainy and windy during the event, marquees can give you the protection and shelter you and all the attendees need as well. And if you correctly choose the marquees you will use for an important event, aside from being functional, they can add to the décor and the aesthetics of the venue, too.

There are certain tips and tricks you can follow though to further make use of the marquee you have rented for a specific event. By following these tips, you can fully incorporate the marquee in the event and make it more appealing. These tips and tricks include the following:

Consider the weather at the time of the event regarding the arrangement of the furniture and fixtures inside the marquee.

If you are holding the event during summer, most guests would probably spend more time outside the marquee. As such, the marquee would only be used for lunch or dinner or when it rains. Hence, don’t cram too many chairs and tables inside it. You can also consider setting up an outdoor bar area and the dance floor next to the marquee.

If you will be staging the event in the winter, everyone will certainly spend more time inside the marquee. You, therefore, have to put more thought into the layout of the marquee. You can consider having screens erected inside the marquee to create a detached section for welcome drinks. This area can also be used as a quiet area once the dancing is in full swing.

Invest in the right lighting features or accessories.

Aside from renting the marquee, you can also hire the right accompanying lighting features as well. Rent some fairy lights if you want to project a more romantic mood inside the marquee. For contemporary weddings or events, choose spherical paper lanterns in various colours and sizes to create a fun, modern effect. Large sparkling chandeliers hanging from the roof of the marquee are perfect for vintage-themed weddings.

Don’t forget to rent portable flooring for the marquee as well.

Natural turf would definitely be great to walk on during outdoor events. However, the turf may be too muddy or dusty and to ensure that the footwear of your guests are protected while they are inside the marquee, have the right portable flooring installed inside the structure. Portable flooring materials can also ensure the safety of your guests since there will be a lesser chance for them to slip on wet grass.

Enhance the exterior of the marquee.

Place flowering plants outside the walls and entrance of marquee. You won’t also go wrong with placing framed paintings or photos on easels, relevant to the event, outside the marquee as well.